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Confirmed: Bluetooth headset will be $50, will require firmware update


It appears that speculation has become truth: the official PS3 Bluetooth headset will be available in North America with a MSRP of $49.99. For only $10 more, players will be able to get the SOCOM Confrontation bundle, which includes the headset and a copy of the upcoming shooter on Blu-ray disc. Although PS3 is compatible with most Bluetooth headsets, a new firmware update will enhance the experience when using the official headset. A new High-Quality (HQ) mode will use "advanced wireless technologies and the Headset's dual-microphone design to enable clear and wide-band wireless voice communication with the PS3 system."

Sony is promising future titles will support HQ mode. For example, future games may have voice animation where the in-game character will mimic your speech. Proximity chat will offer voice playback in full surround sound, to match the sound effects featured in the game.

The $50 headset will also be compatible with most cell phones. In addition, it will also work as a desktop microphone when docked with the supplied charging cradle. However, note that HQ mode is only available on the PS3, for titles that support HQ mode.


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