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Last week on Massively: WoW-related stories


This week's round up of WoW-related posts on our sister site Massively covers many different angles of the MMO universe dominated by World of Warcraft. You can click on the links below or subscribe to a special WoW-only Massively feed.

World of Warcraft's success is 'exhausting' for Blizzard
Frank Pearce, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, sat down with for an interview during Games Convention a few weeks ago. He had a number of interesting things to say, with the piece's discussion ranging from StarCraft II's progress to the challenges of ...
LotRO could be the next 'World of Warcraft' says Turbine's Steefel
The MMO industry is a battle with many weapons, and words are as powerful as code or quests in this field. Turbine's Jeffrey Steefel fired another salvo in a recent interview with Eurogamer, saying that he sees ...
WoW to store UI settings server-side post-Lich King
Recent discussions in the official World of Warcraft UI forums might be of interest to folks that like to tweak their user interface. Which, we think, is pretty well everyone.
WoW's invincibility 'nonsense', claims WAR lead designer
We're not going to get into those arguments again. You know, the ones that focus on whether any given game is a (cough)-killer or not. All the same, the thrust and riposte between corporate figures ...

Silicon Knights developer says EVE is better than WoW
Silicon Knights President Dennis Dyack is apparently a balanced gamer. Sure, he's worked on games like Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and he's president of the company behind Too Human...
The Economist on games and profit
Newsmagazine The Economist ran an article titled "Playing for profit" about using video game technology to increase productivity in the workplace. The article -- which was a sort of book report on ...
Ask Massively: Second chances in MMO's
I'm feeling a bit cranky these days, so for this week's Ask Massively, I thought that I'd give you all my unvarnished opinion instead of kissing your collective backside in order to generate a few more page hits.

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