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Macros saved to server instead of computer in Wrath


Wrath Beta tester Tiwo came across a welcome change when logging into her account on a different computer from normal. The macros she wrote and saved on the original machine were now available on the second machine. She posted to the EU Beta forums in thanks, and Wryxian confirmed the change was real. Macros are now saved as part of your account information, and will be available across any machine you play in.

This is pretty awesome good news. Some playstyles can use a beastly number of macros, and I'm not sure I'd be a quarter as effective on my Hunter without the beloved shot rotation macro. I've been known to change my Arena macros on the fly, customizing what exactly I want to have happen according to bracket. Since I carry a laptop around, whenever I use that machine instead of my desktop, I have to rewrite and update everything. Usually, I end up playing without my beloved macros (or at least the current version of them). It might be a small quality of life upgrade, but it's one that I'm pretty happy to hear about.

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