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Stress less with Meditation Timer for the iPhone

Lisa Hoover

Taking time out of busy day just to meditate for a few minutes is a beautiful thing -- if you can stay focused long enough.The folks at Lingon i Korg Software Creations have come up with a way to help -- Meditation Timer [iTunes link] for the iPhone and iPod touch.

This cool little app does more than just bong an alarm when meditation time is up. Any old app can do that. This timer gives you a choice between two soothing screen color schemes -- purple and white, or green and white -- and two different alarm settings.

Just like the iPhone and touch's native alarm, you set the hours, minutes, and seconds by scrolling through the onscreen dials to the select the length of time you want to meditate (it defaults to 10 minutes). You'll be alerted when time's up by a gentle chime called "Spinning Bowl." You can also set the alarm to vibrate (iPhone only), or turn it off entirely.

If you need a reminder to start winding down to get ready for your next round of meditation, set the Preparation Timer to count down the minutes until your next session.

Meditation Timer is free to the first 5,000 customers. After that, the app will be priced at 99 cents.


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