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Apple's latest patent app: multi-touch plus (insert technology here)

Chris Ziegler

Multi-touch hasn't necessarily revolutionized the way we're interacting with our devices, but it's certainly a step in the right direction -- particularly when a touchscreen is such a huge part of the overall input equation as it is with the iPhone. But why stop there? A new patent app filed by Cupertino's finest suggests that touch and multi-touch data could be mixed in with all sorts of other inputs for more refined control of what we're trying to do; accelerometer control, force sensitivity, voice, and visual recognition are all mentioned as possibilities, meaning that theoretically we could one day be shaking and multi-pounding our iPhone 7Gs while screaming and flipping the bird. What device function that would actuate, we're not exactly sure -- but we're just throwing out ideas here.

[Via Unwired View]

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