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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]


Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat. But, plenty of people are still in there, waiting on you. So get in there already!

Come one, come all, to the greatest show on earth! Well, actually, it's less of a show and more of us all getting together to play games. Sound like fun to you? Of course it does! That's because it always is. We've got a great community, so we encourage you to join us this evening. For all of you first-timers, head past the break for the details.

We hope to see you there tonight!

Welcome to Game Night, a fun activity where we (the staff) and you (the reader) get together and enjoy the multiplayer games available on the Nintendo Wii and DS, every Thursday evening. We meet in a chat room (which you can access by clicking here) and, after exchanging a few friend codes, we get our game on. Sounds simple enough, right?

It is! All you need to do is look for this post to be at the top of the page around 7pm ET tonight, and there'll be a big link in the post, informing you all that Game Night is a go. Click that link, then you're in. Or, you can just click the chat room link above and hang out for awhile. We'll be there around 7pm ET.

Thanks to everyone for participating and we hope to see you there tonight!

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