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Halo Wars monthly: Weird code, scrambled image


As we've come to expect, the latest Halo Wars monthly update doesn't contain much in the way of juicy information. No new UNSC units have been uncovered. There are no details about how the Covenant plays. No, what we get is some general info that the game is coming along nicely. There are promises that more info is on the way soon though, along with some significant changes to the Halo Wars website. And then there is the image at right (click here for full size), which is undoubtedly the most intriguing part of the update. It's accompanied by the text below.

"Scrambled Transmission
Incoming Sub Space Trans Encode ####121478####121381####
ONITrans Priority; Delta
ReceiveTrans Loc; Subspace Relay 000003878
ReceiveTrans Loc; Subspace Relay 000003879
ReceiveTrans Loc; Subspace Relay 000017438
CovCarrier Detect; Encode [ Null ]"

What does it all mean? We have no idea. We're fairly certain that the image is some kind of environment. Dare we hope it's a Flood containment facility? Given the presence of human lettering in the lower left corner, we're inclined to think it's not. Thoughts?

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