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Panasonic introduces SA-BX500 AV receiver

Darren Murph

Panasonic is using this week's CEDIA show to debut its new AV receiver, the SA-BX500, and even though we doubt the nameplate will get much attention from the audiophile crowd, this unit does have a bit of audio-geekery with its bi-amplification/bi-wiring feature. Other stuff that will appeal to a wider audience includes 7x130-Watt amplification, HDMI connectivity (3 inputs, 1 output) that's ready for your 1080p content, HDMI-CEC in VIERA Link form, support for Dobly TrueHD and DTS-HD MA, and the ability to simulate 7.1-channels of surround in 5.1-channel systems, so you can hear what you're not missing. Available in October for $799, but you can grab a peek at the front and back right now.

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