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Puzzle & Power Packs: PSN-only games on UMD this Oct.

Despite a higher percentage of broadband penetration in Europe, and the introduction of a PC-based PlayStation Store for the PS3-less, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has still opted to wrangle up the bits of some of the PSP's download-only titles for UMD distribution in themed "packs".

The first two packs (there are "more Collection Packs to be released throughout 2009") are the Puzzle Pack – cramming the mischievous Lemmings with the excitable Go! Sudoku and Go! Puzzle – and the Power Pack – an odd grouping of Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, the more contemplative stylings of flOw, and the rhythm-happy Beats. The Puzzle Pack is slated for a European debut in "mid" October while the Power Pack will come along right behind it, in "late" October. We've asked the fine folks at SCEA to comment on a North American release so, until then, let's just assume this is Europe-only.

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