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Samsung a137 bows for AT&T

Chris Ziegler

Remember that supposed a137 that we saw chilling on a countertop somewhere in the wilds not long ago? Samsung and AT&T are now fessing up to its existence by quietly posting product info pages on their respective sites without so much as a single press release from either Sammy or the carrier -- because that's the sort of thing that happens when a phone's just this flat-out uninteresting, we suppose. How uninteresting are we talking about here? For starters, the a137 tops out with GPRS data -- not EDGE -- making for a circa-2004 blast from the past that should naturally help users keep their browsing habits to a bare minimum. On the plus side, it packs AGPS and runs just $39.99 as a GoPhone. Now, what do you want to bet we see it in a few more colors before its run is up?

[Via Phone Scoop]

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