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Tabula Rasa's Operation Immortality extended

Shawn Schuster

Since we first told you about Tabula Rasa's Operation Immortality, it has grown quite a bit. All sorts of top athletes, artists and musicians have signed onto the project to have their DNA digitized and sent into space through the Immortality Drive. This special hard drive will travel with Richard Garriott to the International Space Station on October 12th and stay there in the event that humanity needs a restart.

Originally, this project was to end on August 31st, for anyone interested in participating. However, we're happy to report that this deadline has now been extended until September 29th, 2008. This gives you even more time to vote on mankind's greatest achievements, send a personal message from the website or win a chance to have your digitized DNA included on the Immortality Drive. So if you still haven't taken part in this historical event, you might want to head on over to the project's website and give it a shot.

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