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Onkyo adds the TX-SR876 and TX-NR906 receivers to its UK lineup

Steven Kim

Onkyo has added the TX-SR876 and TX-NR906 to its list of UK-approved AV receivers, and wisely chose to send them to England clad in black, just like we got here in the US. As we'd expect from the upper end of Onkyo's lineup, the spec list is piled high and includes: 7x200/220-Watts (TX-SR876/TX-NR906), 4xHDMI 1.3a inputs, 2x HDMI 1.3a outputs, ISF video calibration, THX Ultra2 Plus worthiness, HQV Reon-VX video processing and a slew of convenience features we've come to expect in a modern AV receiver. Unique to the TX-NR906 are networking features, a toroidal transformer, and separate transformers for audio and video paths. The Brits get pricing pretty close to the US -- £1,000 ($1,773) and £1,400 ($2,482) for the TX-SR876 and TX-NR906, respectively.

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