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QKfone S3 is big on tacky, almost a Mercedes Benz SLK


Yeah, we know at first glance this might look like some hellish giant out of your worst nightmare crushing the life out some poor, unsuspecting Mercedes, but fear not, it's just a phone. The QKfone S3 is a dual-band set with a touchscreen, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, FM radio, and memory expansion with microSD. OK, enough with that business, the fun begins under the S3's top where you'll find the battery, both SIM cards and the memory card. Charging is done through a hole in the trunk, and -- this is actually clever -- one of the mirrors is actually the stylus for the set. So if you're looking for Benz style on a budget you'll likely wanna look elsewhere, but if you need a weird handset that will barely work over here, this might be it.

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