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Runco announces $20,000 VideoXtreme VX-8 projector

Darren Murph

The fun has just begun in the Mile High City for Runco, which has followed up its outlandish flat-panel announcement with a replacement to the fabled VX-2 projector. The 3-chip VideoXtreme VX-8 is squarely aimed at those with fat wallets and the word "videophile" stitched into their Ralph Lauren scarfs, evidenced by the superfluous (but very appreciated) video processing capabilities via DHD with Vivix and three SuperOnyx DMDs. Additionally, you'll find the outfit's ConstantContrast tech, which delivers frame-by-frame contrast correction, while the CorrectColor brings "complete color calibration for D65 perfection." For more technobabble on the January-bound unit, hit up the read link -- but before you waste your time, let us remind you that this will cost $19,995.

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