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AT&T installing utility cabinets in Naperville, giving away U-verse surprise

Darren Murph

Silly AT&T -- don't you know by now that installing those cabinets of yours is a dead giveaway that U-verse is coming? According to a report from the Daily Herald, said carrier is installing the first of 135 utility cabinets around the city (which sits about 30 miles west of Chicago; more information on service areas here), and Greg Jones, project manager for the city, is hoping that "increased competition among service providers will benefit residents." That competition he refers to is none other than AT&T's fiber-based U-verse TV / internet / phone service, but it'll take some three years to get those 135 boxes installed. Oh, and don't even pretend that AT&T isn't madly in love with Illinois, it's pretty obvious at this point.

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