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iPod nano 4G rumors-a-go-go


Whoo baby, the rumors and pics just keep flowing out of the cyberwebs. Engadget has posted two blurry images since late last night. Not sketches or renderings or quiet whispers, but real photos. Or fake photos. Not like this type of fakery is hard. Still, all signs keep pointing to our beloved 3g nano going on a diet next Tuesday. Serious joggers everywhere may rejoice (personally I prefer the 2g form factor for running).

One more thing... iTunes 8 would be a logical announcement, and the rumors of a subscription model might make sense. We got a suggestion (not a tip, this was merely someone's idea) that Apple might give away some flavor of iPod with a 2-year committment to subscribers. I'm not sure the "act now and we'll throw in this handy shuffle!" angle is Apple's style, but it might be the sort of thing they'd do in a soft economy to keep people hooked on the iTunes/iPod ecosystem. Either way we'll know in a few days, won't we? And yes, TUAW will liveblog the September 9th event for your amusement and edification.

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