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Paradigm's Signature, Studio ADP in-wall speakers have you surrounded

Steven Kim

If you've been kept awake at nights wondering how to complete your Paradigm in-wall speaker setup with "proper" ADP surrounds, we're really envious of you. But more importantly, you'll be able to rest soon thanks to Paradigm's introduction of Signature and SA (Studio) series of Adapted DiPole (ADP) in-wall speakers at CEDIA. The diffuse sound of ADP speakers have been part of Paradigm's freestanding speakers for a long time, and now you can enjoy equivalent performance from the SIG-ADP (pictured) and SA-ADP in-wall models. These each feature a pair of metal dome tweeters, four metal midranges and a single woofer, but you'll have to hit the link to get the alchemy that goes into the drivers. Pricing should be announced at CEDIA, but the peace of mind in having an all-Paradigm system has got to be worth a pretty penny, right?

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