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Addon Spotlight: TwoBox Toolkit

Sean Forsgren

Welcome to a special preview edition of Addon Spotlight. I've been playing around with dual-boxing and wanted to shared this addon with you all, as it adds some great features for anyone running two toons. Rather than succumb to expansion apathy, I've been attempting to level my alts via the ridiculous XP bonus given to players who have recruited a friend. Besides, who doesn't want a new Zhevra mount for their Belf-about-town? Regardless, some savvy developers have come up with some mods to help the aspiring dual-boxer.

This is the only in-game addon I use when I'm burning through the levels via the Recruit-a-Friend program. The developer has combined a lot of great little tools into the package. Once I started using TwoBoxToolkit I noticed a significant increase in efficiency when dual-boxing.

My best friend got married yesterday, so due to a lingering alcoholic haze, I'm opting to, once again, quote the developer's description and features list via WoWInterface.

"This mod provides a set of tools to help people like me who like to play 2 char at once. These tools are for the second char (bot). This mod uses the ACE2 library. All required libraries are included in this zip.

- Messages relay: Able to relay messages the Bot gets in Whisper,Party,Guild,Raid and transfer them to your main via whisper.
- Follow: The bot will follow you upon using the /followme emote on him.
- Sticky Follow: Follow will be automatically resumed when the fight is over.
- Follow warning: The bot will warn you if he stops following.
- Pass Loot : The bot will auto pass on loot random window.
- Buff Warning: The bot will warn you when he loses a buff. (Duration for a buff to be warn can be set in options).
- Low Life Warning: The Bot will warn you when it health goes under a pre defined %.
- Low mana warning: The bot will warn you when it mana goes under a pre defined %.
- Mini map icon: With Options UI.
- Fubar compatible.
- Relay to channel : You can have the bot relay via whispers or a defined channel

/tb : for the list of commands. Every command can be trigger on/off.
Setting your master is the first step to using this mod. Do so by doing /tb master playername"

TwoBoxToolkit may require some tweaking to fit in with your gameplay, depending on your setup. For me, I have worked hard to integrate my second character as fully as possible, so the constant whispers that my second character's follow was broken became cumbersome. However, getting whispers about auto-quest accepting and relayed messages has quickly become a must-have when dual-boxing.

A couple of other features just plain come in handy; automatically passing on loot, sticky following (auto-follow after a fight) and auto-accepting group invites from players on your friends list or a designated master. Honestly, if you're considering taking advantage of the XP bonus from Recruit-a-Friend to level and an alt via dual-boxing, this addon will make your life much easier.

That's it for this weekend, folks. Next week we'll take a closer look at dual-boxing on a single Mac machine. Dismissed!
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