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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift European demo to be sent to 'lucky few' on Thursday

Here in the States, Qore subscribers will be able to fling mud across the startled faces of both friends and enemies alike in the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo which is due out this week for those who purchased the fourth installment of Sony's online gaming mag. Unfortunately, Qore number four isn't available on the PSN in other territories -- however, a recent news brief from unofficial PlayStation blog Three Speech hints that Europeans will receive the demo soon -- albeit in a fairly unconventional manner.

Three Speech reports that random European PS3 owners will be receiving vouchers this coming Thursday via email which will allow them to download the Pacific Rift demo on PSN. We're not entirely sure why Sony decided upon this "Golden Ticket" approach for the demo's release -- sure, the hype built from all the exclusivity will likely pay off, but will all the disappointment felt by the unchosen really be worth it?

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