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The Warhammer Online open beta test has begun

Samuel Axon

Mythic Entertainment just opened the virtual gates for the Warhammer Online open beta test. After fans spent half the morning expressing their impatience and Rickrolling one another on the game's various forums, the log in program/patcher suddenly stopped telling everyone they didn't belong and said, "Come on in and play!" Well, for most people anyway. It turns out that some folks still can't log in, but be patient; your time will surely come.

We're sure you can expect massive lag and overcrowding if you try to play today (or probably at any point in the open beta, really) but if you're willing to weather such tribulations, then by all means, grab your own Warhamma' and log the hell in!

If the lag proves too much for you today, or if the servers just explode, feel free to continue reading our extensive coverage. Otherwise, we'll slay you, err, see you there!
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