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GameStop CEO: No 'end in sight' for Wii shortages

Ross Miller

Speaking with GameDaily, newly-appointed GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo (who was previously COO for 12 years) gave a rather disheartening prediction about the never-ending shortage of Nintendo Wii's. Said DeMatteo, "I don't see a near-term end in sight for Wii shortages, not unless they really ramp up supply. I think they've ramped it up 20 percent or so, but Nintendo is fairly cautious by nature. They ramped it up 20 and it's still evaporating."

Much of the interview is refurbished from late August when he (then as COO) spoke with Gamastura about digital distrubition. Speaking of the used games business, DeMatteo offered a rather interesting argument by noting that gamers have been "conditioned that their video games have residual value, just like a car," later adding, "I think the argument that it competes with the new games is false. Imagine what new car sales would be like if you couldn't trade in your old car."

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