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Nokia lowers Q3 outlook on tough competition, product slip

Chris Ziegler

2008 has generally treated Espoo pretty well, but every rose has its thorn -- and for Nokia, that thorn might just end up being the third quarter. The company has now revised its Q3 market share estimate downward, now predicting a slip from Q2 rather than the flat line it'd been suggesting before; cited reasons include a "tactical decision to not meet certain aggressive pricing of some competitors," generally fierce competition (particularly on the low end), and the delayed launch of an unnamed midrange handset. In justifying its failure to meet market pricing head-on in every market segment, Nokia says it's only going to play that game where it thinks it's profitable to do so, and for what it's worth, it still expects to ship about 10 percent more devices in 2008 than it did in 2007. What's more, they say they expect to meet the rest of their expected launch dates in '08 -- so it looks like every night has its dawn after all.

[Via mocoNews]

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