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    Philips' LED-backlit 42PFL9803 LCD HDTV gets spotted

    Darren Murph

    We knew Philips' LED-backlit 42PFL9803 would be showcasing itself here soon, but for those of you unable to travel overseas in order to see it, TechRadar has provided some first hand details. Over at IFA, they were able to feast their eyes upon the stunning LCD HDTV, and results were mighty impressive. In short, they confirmed that the black levels were "phenomenally deep," and the 100Hz / 120Hz (depending on your region of the world) technology did a great job of nixing jaggies. It's tough to say whether this thing can hold a candle to the mighty KURO plasma, but based on these initial impressions, it's doing pretty darn good for an LCD. Don't take our word for it, though -- tap the read link and be your own judge.

    [Thanks, David]

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