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Plain Sight is all about robot killing and points

Dustin Burg

Developer Beatnik Games just announced their latest project that's set for release to the PC and onto the Xbox Live Arcade sometime in Q1 2009 and it's a robot rich, violent and bombtastic project called Plain Sight. And, wouldn't you know, it was developed using XNA. Joy!

In Plain Sight, you control a robot who starts out with one point. Seeing that "one point is rubbish", your goal is to kill other robots to increase your points. The more points you acquire, the bigger, stronger and more powerful you become. But you'll have to bank your points and to do that you have to detonate yourself. If you kill other robots in your detonation, your multiplyer increases. Once exploded, repeat the process. Check out a few screenshots below and a rather delicious Plain Sight trailer after the break.


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