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The HTC QUAR100: a North American exclusive?

Chris Ziegler

Once again, the mysterious Bluetooth SIG has left us with more questions than answers. Yes, okay, so there's an HTC "QUAR100" that we have to worry about now, but what is it? Given the gem theme they've set up for themselves, odds are the "QUAR" stands for "Quartz" -- though our comprehensive set of Scrabble tools reminds us that it could also be "Quart," "Quarterback," or "Quarterfinalist," among many others -- and we can at least glean that it's a phone (as opposed to, say, a standalone PDA) with WiFi. The most intriguing thing we've got going here might be the mention of North America as the one and only region for planned availability, an unusual move more frequently reserved for HTC's CDMA devices than anything else. Any educated (or not-so-educated guesses) out there?

[Via Cellpassion]

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