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The newest Guild Wars companions explained

Shawn Schuster

With the recent news of two new allies joining the fray for Guild Wars, you may be excited about the new game mechanics that both the M.O.X. hero and the Fire Imp helper bring to the game. We may even go so far as to say that these game mechanics could be a glimpse into what's to come with Guild Wars 2 game mechanics. ArenaNet has already said that there will be a 'sidekick' in Guild Wars 2, but is the Fire Imp a precursor to that?

Speculations aside, these two new companions have caused a stir lately. First, there are those who inevitably say that M.O.X. is overpowered. There are those who say the Fire Imp is simply a free ticket to the Survivor title. There are those who say that these are both ways for ArenaNet to scrape up some more money for Guild Wars 2 development. Whatever outlandish rumors you believe, they're here and they're changing the way we play the game just a bit.

Follow along as we give these two a proper introduction and explain the facts about what they are exactly>>

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