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Apple announces two new sets of headphones

Mat Lu

Another interesting detail released in the excitement of the Let's Rock event: Apple's announcement of two new sets of headphones designed for the new iPods and their voice notes recording feature. The first set is similar the the present iPhone headset with a main button for play/plause and skipping control (in addition to the mic). A nice new feature, however, is the addition of two buttons for volume control.

The second set (pictured right) is a bit more exciting as it seems to represent Apple's attempt to compete with more high-end "canalphone" headsets from the likes of Etymotics, Shure, Ultimate Ears, etc. In addition to the mic and in-line controls of the other set, the buds on this one include two separate drivers (tweeter and woofer) as well as three sizes of silicone tips for sound isolation. We can only hope this hi-fi effort is more successful than the ill-fated iPod Hi-Fi.

Both sets are listed as compatible only with the new iPod classic, 4th gen nano, and 2nd gen touch. However, Infinite Loop has suggested that they will work with the iPhone excepting the volume controls which are not supported. The first set will be $29, while the in-ear set will run $79.

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