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Infogrames, Namco Bandai strike distribution deal

Jason Dobson

After getting the unfamiliar taste of profit out of its mouth, Infogrames is hungry for more. To this end, the parent of oft-addled Atari announced that it has cozied up to fellow publisher Namco Bandai to handle distribution of the latter's titles in both Europe and Asia. writes that Infogrames' distribution activities in those regions will be consolidated as a result of the agreement, with Namco Bandai taking ownership of some 34 percent while leaving the remainder in the hands of Infogrames itself.

According to the report, Infogrames expects to find its wallet pleasantly filled with added revenue as a result of the deal thanks to added efficiency and every Economics major's favorite phrase -- economies of scale. The report further notes that Infogrames is also open to partnering with other companies over similar deals in the pursuit of greater profitability, no doubt helped when not weighed down by any pesky big budget monkeyshines.

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