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iPod touch 2.1 firmware walkthrough

Cory Bohon

Last night, Apple offered up the iPod touch 2.1 firmware early for iPod touch owners (iPhone owners will have to wait until Friday). Not much has changed since the 2.0 firmware, but Apple did add some features to the Music section of the iPod touch -- most notably, Genius.

Unlike Genius in iTunes on your Mac/PC, Genius on the iPod touch doesn't connect to Apple's servers and exchange information (however, it may download an indexing file of sorts from iTunes on your computer). You can create a Genius playlist on the iPod touch using 2 methods:

  • While playing a song, tap once on the artwork, then tap on the genius button (in the middle of the pop-up toolbar)
  • Tap on "Playlists" on the bottom toolbar and select "Genius"
When you use the Playlists > Genius button, you will need to specify a song for Genius to analyze. Once your Genius playlist is created, you will be presented with a screen with 3 new buttons along the top:
  • Save - this button allows you to save your current Genius playlist
  • New - tapping this button will create a new Genius playlist (you must specify a new song to analyze)
  • Refresh - tapping on this button will refresh the current playlist, replacing any old songs with new ones
The Genius logo will appear next to the songs that you've chosen to analyze. That is all of the new features in 2.1: just Genius. Be sure to take a look at our gallery of Genius screenshots.

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