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Potpourrii to win the Wii pun arms race


Studio Walljump may have just announced a WiiWare puzzler with "ii" in the title, but Abstraction Games is totally going to beat them to WiiWare with their own Wii-pun-named puzzle game, Potpourrii. Potpourrii appears to be a sort of rotating Bust a Move (a new genre that we are officially naming "Gyruss-t a Move"), but with the very important addition of a crowd of garden gnomes in the periphery of the screen.

According to a statement given to IGN by Abstraction, Potpourrii is set to launch this Monday, September 15. Of course, this is assuming that Nintendo allows it. Hey, pun or not, we happen to like puzzle games, and we like paying small amounts for them, so bring the WiiWare puzzlers on.

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