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SingStar Country coming to PS2 October 28

Justin McElroy

When we see country singers Gretchen Wilson, Alan Jackson or (West Virginia's own) Brad Paisley on the packaging of something, we typically assume that it's a batter-dipped snack of some sort, like chicken fries or "Gretchen Wilson's Fried Crunch-sicles." But this fall, it might just be the new karaoke offering Singstar Country, coming to PS2s on October 28.

The game also lets you live out your fantasy of being Keith Urban, one of Montgomery Gentry or even America's Most Beloved Dullard, Kellie Pickler, who said, "I grew up wanting to be a country music singer and would sing other artists' songs, and now people are going to be singing my song in SingStar Country? That's cool!" Great job, Kelly! You nailed it.

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