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Sony's 18.4-inch Type A VAIO for Type A photog personalities


It's not everyday that you see an 18.4-inch laptop. Then again, Sony (nor anyone else) doesn't rollout too many Full HD laptops targeting photographers and videographers. The VAIO type A features an LED backlit 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 2.53GHz T9400 Core 2 Duo, Blu-ray burner, up to 4GB of memory and 2x 250GB of disk (plus 1x eSATA jack for more), an increasingly rare Firewire jack for your camcorder, 3x USB 2.0, and a high-speed UDMA-enabled CF slot for quick image transfers off your DSLR's CompactFlash card. As Sony's newest media flagship, we're also looking at HDMI-out, 802.11n WiFi, GeForce 9600M GT graphics, and a full suite of included image and video editing software from Adobe. All this in a relatively hefty 3.9-kg (8.6-pounds) rig. Although, with just 2-hours of battery you'll want to spring for the optional 3-hour add-on. Priced at around ¥320,000 (about $3,000) when these hit the streets of Japan at the end of the month. Two more shots after the break.

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