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The good, bad and ugly of official forums and dev blogs

Shawn Schuster

Traditionally, official game forums have been a place for the community members and leaders to get together and discuss their issues with the game, both good and bad. Lately, many game developers have made the decision to skip the forums and let the community sort itself out in that regard. This has allowed players to form their own social groups based on specific aspects of their favorite game, and hence develop forums centered around those shared areas of that game.

However, more and more developers are turning to this new-fangled blogging thing that we've heard so much about. Cuppycake, while being an example of this herself (although she was a blogger long before she was the Community Manager for Metaplace), makes some excellent points regarding the right and wrong way for developers to blog about the game they're involved with. The biggest example of this is with Mark Jacobs' recent blog post regarding the EU WAR beta public outrage. Was Jacobs' post appropriate, or is something like that better handled by a trained PR department?

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