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Touchgrind: Multitouch fingerboarding for the iPhone


I really never got the idea of fingerboarding (though I never really got the idea of skateboarding either -- as much as I played Tony Hawk on the Playstation, the actual thing never appealed to me), but this little app is still fascinating to me, if only as a test of how precise the multitouch controls can be in 3D gaming. A company called Illusion Labs (same folks behind iPint, apparently) sent us a note about their new iPhone game, Touchgrind. As you can see above, it's all about using the two-finger multitouch to flip and switch a virtual skateboard from the top down.

Pretty interesting, even if you're not up for doing something as silly as pushing a tiny skateboard around with your fingers. It looks kind of fun, actually -- flip your finger out at a certain angle with a certain speed, and the little board responds. I'm curious to see, however, if it's an actual physics engine (which would be awesome), or if it's just responding to certain gestures and then running prerecorded flips. The game's set to come out in October. We asked Illusion Labs about a price, but they said they hadn't figured it out yet.

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