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TUAW report card: Let's Rock event


Now that today's press event is over, we can review our earlier predictions and see how well we did.

Just half an hour before it started, I guessed that Steve would reveal "...a revamped nano line, with greater storage, a new design and UI." The design and UI are certainly new, and the storage capacities have changed to 8GB and 16GB.

I also predicted a price drop on the iPod touch (got that one), iTunes 8 (one more) and HD content (trifecta!). Not bad.

What I missed: All of the nifty new features on the touch, new accessories and Steve's brown shirt.

Last week, Erica predicted "...a revamped nano with a longer silhouette," and was right on target. She also predicted a re-tooling of the Nike+ kit, and was half right on that one. It's built into the iPod touch now, but the functionality is the same.

Many people thought we'd see a subscription-based "iTunes Unlimited" today, but it didn't happen. Finally, Erica predicted iPhone 2.1 and iTunes 8.0. All in all, we did pretty well.

Thanks for playing along and let us know if you buy any of Apple's shiny new toys!

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