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Vanguard game update 6 coming soon!

Michael Zenke

The sixth huge game update to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is coming soon to a server near you! We've appreciated what Vanguard has to offer for some time here at Massively, so it's great to see such a big improvement coming to the game. The developers have had these changes in the works for some time; we first got a taste of this coming down the line way back at the beginning of summer.

The official website says that Game Update 6 could be coming as soon as next week! The bug fixes alone are too numerous to mention. Here are the big ticket items that are new since Game Update 5:
  • Character Model Updates - The wonky-looking character avatars players have had since the game launched are getting a complete overhaul. Men will be 'beefier' looking, while woman have had their 'feminine features' enhanced. While that sounds kind of strange, almost anything would be better than what the players have right now.
  • New Player Experience Upgrade - The much-vaunted Isle of Dawn will soon be added to the world of Telon! Players new and old will be able to start new characters on that special island, experiencing all-new content up through level 10.
Make sure to check out the official site for all the details, and head to the test server forums to get a fresh player reaction to the new content.

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