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WoW guide to WAR pt. 2

Michael Zenke


As a WoW player, you might initially find the number of classes in Warhammer overwhelming. Counting the Death Knight, there are ten classes available in World of Warcraft. There are exactly twice that many in Warhammer, and which race you pick dictates which classes you'll have available. Massively has been putting out a series of guides to help new players understand their options, and they tie into the faction/role combinations of each class. Essentially, you can think of each class as filling one of four roles: healer, tank, melee dps, and ranged dps.

While many classes are going to feel fairly familiar, healers are a very different animal in WAR than in WoW. In Warhammer, almost every healing class is more like the Druid or the Shaman: a hybrid that does a 'little bit extra' on top of the pure healing experience. To get a good sense of which careers feel like Warcraft classes you may have already played, check out our 'translation' list below:

Obviously, these are very rough comparisons. Players most likely to feel left out are fans of the Druid class; there's no direct analogue to the strongly multi-role shape changer in Warhammer. The Marauder is probably the closest you'll get, and he focuses primarily on damage dealing with his mutation powers.

Combat and Character Advancement

Combat in Warhammer online is similar enough to World of Warcraft that you'll probably be able to jump right in and start swinging. The biggest difference you're likely to find with WAR combat is how much slower it is; abilities just take a bit longer to fire than many WoW players will be used to. This is primarily so that player vs. player fans can have time to react to incoming attacks, but the PVE experience is just as stately.

New abilities for your class will be made available at almost every level, and to gain them you'll have to go train with a Career Trainer. There's one at almost every hub in the game; just look for the 'arrow-in-a-bullseye' icon. There are many different ways to advance in Warhammer, including the Mastery Path system. It's available via your Career Trainer as well, and can be thought of as an analog to the talent points in World of Warcraft. Other advancement lines include Tome unlocks, Renown rewards, Tactics, and numerous others ... be sure to read the help tips as they pop up when you explore the world.

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