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LotRO dev diary: Rune-keeper explained

Shawn Schuster

We hear so much lately about the potential of the Rune-keeper to be lore-breaking. This new Lord of the Rings Online class which will be introduced with the first expansion, Mines of Moria, is rumored to be the first "real" magic-user class for the game, which many players are saying goes against everything Tolkien had ever created in his works. Well now skeptics may be pleased to learn much more about this new class, and more specifically, the fact that it is not the traditional lightning-bolt mage that they've feared.

In the most recent dev diary from Turbine, Brian "Zombie Columbus" Aloisio goes into some amazing depth with his explanation of why the Rune-keeper was created, what it represents in the grand scheme of LotRO, and some of its unique game mechanics it brings to the table. He describes how this "glass cannon" class acts as a linguist to harness runes and their natural powers. He also describes the Attunement system in great depth, as well as many of the Rune-keeper's available skills. Check out the entire dev diary for more information.

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