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Rumor: Mega Man 9 DLC details


We aren't entirely sure what to make of this list of possible DLC for Mega Man 9; the list is plausible enough, but, of course, the source is some guy named "SSJ4" who claims to have played the final game on all three consoles. There's also a lot of unseemly console-war type discussion as well, such as how terrible the PS3 and 360 d-pads are for Mega Man 9 and that the Achievements are "Capcom USA's doing. Not worth your time."

It makes us think that these rumors are the work of an overenthusiastic Wii fanboy (not to be confused with Wii Fanboy) and not the kind of professional reviewer who would be playing Mega Man 9 right now. For example, he says that the game may come out on the 22nd, or it may be delayed due to a very big VC title -- which seems very much like the kind of thing you would say if you were making up stuff to try to get people's attention.

The tipster says that Shooting Star Rockman will be a downloadable character, which makes sense given his placement on Summer Festival merchandise alongside the original, and that Proto Man will also be playable, though he "kinda sucks." Other DLC bonuses include new title screens, Mega Buster upgrades (three-way and homing shots), and new conversations with Auto. Also according to the rumor, Capcom may be looking into some in-game way to earn the DLC, to reward hard work.


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