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Things heat up in new Mines of Moria screens

Kyle Horner

Turbine has released a new batch of screens featuring the Forges of Khazad-dum for the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online expansion Mines of Moria and they're tempting us to use the "boy are they hot" pun, because they're literally filled with lava. Come to think of it, first it was fire and now we've upgraded to lava. Even some of the Trolls (we're pretty sure they're Trolls) are lava-infused. Ah yes, we dub thee Lava Trolls! Don't get us wrong though, we love the idea of dungeons and zones full of hot, bubbling lava.

Give the image above (or gallery below) a click to check out the screens and all that burning liquid. There's also a pretty cool armor set, some impressive architecture and various vanity shots of those Lava Trolls. The more we look at them, the more we're diggin' their spiky-yet-bulbous design.

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