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To Catch A Predator targets ... Mario?

Justin McElroy

It's the moment that every decent man that brings pizza and Smirnoff Ice to the home of a teenage girl he met on the internet just so he can actually have a legitimate, heartfelt discussion with her about her hopes and dreams is afraid of: Opening the door to find Dateline's Chris Hansen, gathering up the wicked in his giant, ratings-grabbing To Catch a Predator net. Most of the guys you see on TCAP look like ... well, child predators, so you can imagine our shock to find Mario Mario in Hansen's (brother's) clutches.

The account of what happened (which you can find after the break) has been on the net for a while, but has yet to reach this kind of fervent popularity we as internet taste mavens think it deserves. We've now officially done our part.

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