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Video: BioShock 360 vs. BioShock PS3 look similar

Dustin Burg

Seeing that it has been quite a while since we've posted one of these little gems, here, for your viewing pleasure, is a video comparing the look of BioShock on the Xbox 360 versus BioShock on the Playstation 3. Press play, watch, analyze and we'll wait ...

Okay, by now your video watching should be complete, (achievement unlocked audio sample goes here) and hopefully you noticed that the games are nearly identical. How fun! You should have also realized that you wasted a good three minutes of your day squinting at your computer screen trying your damnedest to spot a pixel differences between the two. Don't feel bad though, because we did the same. It's just something that's in our fanboy genes that makes us do it.

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