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World of Goo goes gold, Wiiware version getting 'final touches'


2D Boy's stick 'em and stack 'em puzzle game is finally complete, with the PC version being sent off to be duplicated and transferred to thousands of distractingly shiny discs. You can expect to see World of Goo slouching happily on a retail shelf during the first week of November, according to the indie developer's blog. You might as well pick it up while you're in the game shop -- we know you're going to be in there for the next three months.

With the Goo'd news out of the way, it's time to deliver the almost good news. Folks looking forward to the Wiiware version of World of Goo need hold out for only a bit longer. "We're putting the final touches on the Wiiware version," says 2D Boy, which hopes "to submit it to Nintendo for approval this month." Judging by the recent releases on the service, we doubt that'll pose much of an obstacle.

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