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Get COD4's Variety Map Pack for half price on 360


In addition to yet another "Double XP" weekend (Hey, who's complaining? Bring 'em on!) in the wings for Call of Duty 4, Activision and Infinity Ward are performing even more community service by offering Xbox 360 owners the four-level Variety Map Pack for 50% off. Normally 800, the pack will be reduced to 400 for the duration of the weekend (Sept. 12-14 for the calendar-conscious). Really, if you play COD4 online, you need this.

Infinity Ward's Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling also brings word that the dev has poked and prodded Microsoft into putting the Prestige Gamer Pics back on the Xbox Live Marketplace, just in case you missed them during the last Live Fire weekend. We know what we'll be playing as soon as the whistle blows tomorrow night at Joystiq HQ. Go!-Go!-Go!

Update: "This is all going down exclusively on Xbox Live this weekend, but don't worry PS3 players, because we'll be doing the same for you guys; but due to schedule conflicts we couldn't do them back to back so the PS3 weekend will be closer to Sept the 18th (I'll have a dedicated post for our PS3 users on that event), but you can expect some of the same benefits and festivities," Bowling clarifies.

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