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IT Pros, System Administrators, Webmasters: what's on your iPhone?


Brian Stucki over at Macminicolo has compiled a list of seven iPhone applications he uses regularly as an IT guy. It's a great start to putting together your own server-wrangling kit on your iPhone.

Brian includes Network Ping Lite (Free [iTunes]), Web Tools ($1.99USD [iTunes]), and iSSH ($4.99 [iTunes]), among others. He also somewhat reluctantly admits to frequently using the infamous (and now technically unavailable) tethering app, Netshare. We'd like to add a few applications to the list, and I'd love to hear about any additions from your own arsenal in the comments. Our top picks include a few iPhone apps, some of which are alternatives to entries in Brian's list and some which are additions:

  • FTP On The Go ($9.99USD [iTunes]), because sometimes you need to get in there and your iPhone is your only choice ...
  • TouchTerm ($2.99USD [iTunes]), another good terminal emulator with SSH
  • 1Password (Free [iTunes]), keep track of all of those server passwords
  • SleepOver ($2.99USD [iTunes]), another Wake-On-LAN utility which comes out a little cheaper than iWOL (mentioned in Brian's list)

A few web apps should also make the list, such as Inco (TUAW coverage), Webmin and iNagios, all of which are free and can be set up to allow server monitoring and/or administration from your iPhone. Take a look at Brian's list, have a peek at our additions, and then fill us in on what you're using on your iPhone to keep your server(s) up and your IT fires under control.

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