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Rumorong: G4 says massive 360 'relaunch' event not happening


You just knew that Monday's rumor of a televised "relaunch" for Xbox 360 planned for September 25 on G4 was too good to be true. Although, with everything its sheer madness (hey, we called it!) promised – the New Xbox Experience release; new, free Xbox Classics; huge exclusives revealed – it was one rumor everyone (well, make that "everyone with an Xbox 360 or lack of console favoritism") very much wanted to become fact. Alas, not this time.

G4 has flat-out denied plans for any such event – let alone one lasting five hours – with X-Play host Adam Sessler making the rumor (and internet rumors in general) the subject of his latest "Sessler's Soapbox" rant, which you can watch after the break. That is, if your will to continue hasn't been utterly crushed by the busting of this nigh-legendary hoax.

[Via X3F]

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