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WAR's Public Quests get called anti-social

Kyle Horner

Ryan Shwayder has posted a short rant on why he feels Warhammer Online's Public Quests are anti-social. His reasoning behind the claim comes down to the notion that because players can be jerks, they'll always act the role. We're apt to not subscribe to the idea that everyone online become dissenting human beings, because if that were true than every MMO's social aspects -- which is all of them -- wouldn't ever work.

We're not saying that PQs are perfect, but they're hardly breeding grounds for total infantile behavior. These are a new form of PvE and they're going to take some time for Mythic to work out the kinks. We're also inclined to mention that nobody wants to play with people who take every chance they get to screw someone over. Even with anonymity in play, people will still remember someone who was going out of their way to be a real pain in the neck.
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