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Disaster: QTEs of Crisis?


Little is known about the actual gameplay in Monolith Soft's Disaster: Day of Crisis (even though it comes out in Japan on the 25th), but a series of short video clips on the Japanese website make it seem like the gameplay may be divided into small, diverse segments (which we would hesitate to label as "minigames"). Each video in the "player action" section of the website shows Ray performing a different action, from jumping across chasms to rescuing survivors to driving -- all with different, context-sensitive control schemes. Many of those actions involve pressing buttons at the right time according to onscreen prompts.

If the game is really divided into discrete chunks of gameplay -- drive in this level, perform CPR in this level, shoot guys in this level -- then Disaster could end up being a sophisticated Dragon's Lair-style game. If these actions are all part of a consistent style of gameplay, then it's an adventure game in which a lot of different stuff happens.


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