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Exploring the dramatic scenery of CoX

Adrian Bott

One of the main draws of City of Heroes which has helped to keep the game going for over four years now is the fast-paced comic-book-style superhero action. While the zap, blam, kapow that goes on in the foreground is pleasingly true to the classic comics many of us grew up with, there's a subtler side to the world of CoX that's no less rooted in comic art, and that's the backdrops the supers fight against.

A lot of work goes into world design in City of Heroes, giving the realms of Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and the strange spaces beyond a larger-than-life feel. While some of these vistas are well known, like the streets of Atlas Park or the towers of Mercy Island, there are breathtaking views in places that many players never bother to visit, such as the depths of the Shadow Shard.

For your amusement and edification, we've put together a little pictorial tour of some of the more striking background scenery in City of Heroes.

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