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    Meta-review: Warhammer Online

    Michael Zenke

    We've been talking pretty much constantly about Warhammer Online for a few months now, and launch is less than a week away. At this point, there's only one question left: Should you buy it? Beta-based viewpoints have begun to trickle in across the internet, to the point where we can put together a meta-review that will hold together. Overall, the response seems to be a cautious 'thumbs up'. There are still serious concerns expressed by some commentators (pathing issues, dependence on fickle player populations), but overall the outlook seems to be good for Mythic's opus.
    • Eurogamer (8/10): "Until it's been out in the wild a while, this extremely well-made and highly enjoyable MMO remains unproven. And it remains - until our first re-review, at least - one step short of true greatness."
    • Kill Ten Rats (Buy): "If you would like a sequel to World of Warcraft with a team-PvP focus, buy Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. If you are waiting for something new and original, keep waiting."
    • Tobold (Buy): "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a good game, albeit not perfect, and it will have some problems living up to the excessive marketing hype from Mythic. It is certainly worth buying and trying out for a month or two."
    • Common Sense Gamer (B+): "Overall, I'd give WARs game experience a B+. I've come to enjoy the RvR and accept that the PvE game experience is the same as everything else out there. That fact is also counterbalanced by the PQs...which are just fun."

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